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Lawn Care

Residential Turf Recommendations

Healthy Lawns:

  • Improve your soil; improve your turf.
  • 1 cubic yard compost per 200 sq. ft. helps establish strong healthy turf.
  • Healthy turf outcompetes weeds, requires less water, and performs better in the challenging midwest climate.

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Dead Patches:

  • Mix 2 pounds of grass seed with 1/3 a cubic yard of Activated Purple Cow, patch at 1⁄4 inch
  • “6 days… that’s how long it took to see 1″ germination of fescue on my bare spots that were seeded, top dressed and watered (daily) with Activated Purple Cow, sure beat my expectations!”

    -Tracy Morland, Morland Landscape Resource, LLC

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Fall Overseeding: (See example below)

Professionals know aeration, overseeding and Purple Cow in the fall means lush healthy turf next spring. Whether you have a sports field, front lawn, park or parkway strip, seeding, then top-dressing with Purple Cow is the safe, ecological way to add nutrients, organic matter and life to your soil.

Bringing back your turf

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